how old a car should I get when trying to optimize total cost of ownership

Added 22/9/2013

There are probably two points in the lifetime curve of a car where you can obtain a price advantage. During the other points on the curve, market forces roughly determine a correct price based on the repair costs and historical reliability statistics of that model.

The first point is "zero plus epsilon" years, which is that you want to be the second owner of the car as soon as someone else has bought it. Because a car loses about 30% of its value when you drive it off the lot, you want to buy a "nearly-brand-new" car as soon as possible after the first owner buys it. At that point, the car market value has depreciated significantly while its "true" cost (relating to actual deterioration) has only decreased a bit. Assuming normal driving rates (~10-12k miles/year), the car remains in this state for a little over a year. So basically you want to try getting a 0.01 to 1-year-old car.

The second point is to buy a car just before it dies. This is tricky because you don know how long the car is going to last after you buy it, but the idea is to buy a car very very cheaply and then drive it into the ground. As soon as you have your first maintenance event where the car is non-functional unless you pay for it, you just junk the car instead (or re-sell it if possible). In this scenario, you paid minimum price for a functioning car and incurred no additional ownership costs.

This highly depends on what level of sports/luxury car you talking about. At the top end, the best point in time to acquire the car is brand new, when the newest model has come out. Ferrari is an excellent example of this. If you are able to develop a positive relationship with your dealer, and you can get an early sample of a new model Ferrari (this applies more to their V8s than other cars) at MSRP, your new car will instantly be worth 10-20% more than whatever you paid for it the moment you drive it off the lot. Two real world examples of this would be the Ferrari California and the Ferrari 458 Italia. Presently, 2 year old demo Ferrari Californias are still selling at around MSRP. 1 year old 458 Italias are selling around $25k-$35k over MSRP. To a lesser degree this is true of most other limited production exotic cars. Upcoming ones to look out for would be the McLaren MP4-12C and the Aventador LP700. Both cars are sold out for some time, and will likely sell over MSRP once they hit the streets.

Aside from new, depreciation on exotic cars typically rapidly slow down for cars around 5-10 years old, depending on how quickly model refreshes have been completed for the car. At present ~5 year old F430 original Gallardos are all near the bottom of their depreciation curve, and will continue to depreciation at a more limited rate (5%/year versus 10-15%/year).

Of note, exotics that focus more on luxury than sport, like Aston Martins, Maseratis, Bentleys, Rolls-Royce, all depreciate very rapidly at the outset, and would not fall into this category of "over-MSRP" at delivery. These cars can depreciate as quickly as 15-25%/year in the first few years. After 3-4 years, these cars tend to slow down in depreciation to ~5%/year.

For mass production sports cars (BMW M series, AMG series, Porsche, etc.) you typically find that their values rapidly fall after about 3-4 years. This often coincides not only with the expiration of warranty, but also the press launch or hard launch of the next generation styling.

All in all, if you buying a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or McLaren, buy new if possible, and specifically brand new model launches (not model refreshes). If you buying a mass production sports car, you can either buy new and negotiate the price down ~8-10%, then sell within 3 years, or buy a 3-4 year old model around the time the new model is coming out and around the time of warranty expiration.

The most important thing is low miles and a good one owner. The rest of these metrics don matter nearly as much.

Look for these two things and don limit your search to local.

These two things go hand in hand. Most rich/well off sports car owners drive the Escalade or Range Rover most of the time, and sell off the sports car out of boredom or pressure from the wife who hates driving it.

You want a garage queen. I on my second garage queen. Win and win.

Assuming you actually intend to drive the car the way it was meant to be driven, so to speak. You might save a few more dollars initially on a car with 59k miles, but will get to the dreaded 100k miles a lot faster, and there is a lot of regular maintenance you will want to do around then with regards to brakes, cooling system, etc.

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How to Buy Seized Cars for Sale

Added 17/9/2013

Understand the conditions of buying a car this way. Buying cars through these auctions can result in a great price, however there are serious downsides to buying cars this way. Often there are no warranties on the condition of the cars, you are unable to actually test drive the car, and the cars come in "as-is" condition. Cars often do come with CarFax reports to give you the full history of the car. Auctions are often difficult to find. Usually newspapers will report auctions after the fact. Instead try using an online membership website. These sites compile all listings for auctions in your area for little or no fee.

Make sure the auction is open to the public. Some auctions are only open to dealers so it's important to prepare yourself for an auction that you can actually attend.

Enlist the help of a friend. If you have a friend who knows his/her way around a car, ask them to attend the auction or "Inspection" day with you. By having someone look under the hood, you are less likely to get a lemon.

Learn the rules. All auctions have different rules for "how to bid," what you can and cannot do to the car before purchasing it and how to pay for the vehicle if you have the winning bid. Just to avoid any problems, brush up on the rules for the auction you plan on attending.

Register. As an attendee of the auction, you will probably have to register in advance. This will require a valid photo ID and just your basic information. Before attending an auction you want to do as much research as you can on the specific car you want to buy, or if the cars up for auction are not available until the day of, as much general information on kind of car you are looking for.

Find the car(s). Find a specific model for the car(s) you are interested in purchasing. This is going to help you decide what price you are comfortable buying the car for.

Estimate pricing. Use online sources, used car lots, and "Bluebooks" to find the general price range of that kind of car. This helps you have an idea of how much you should bid, and what your ceiling price is for that car (how much you won't spend more than).

Run a VIN number, if available. If you are giving information on the cars in advance, try using a database to find out the vehicle's accident history. This could sway you from buying a particular car that otherwise looks "good."

Figure out the reason for its auction. The difference between these reasons could potentially tell you a little more about the car.

Seized car: This means that car was taken by law enforcement for either too many traffic violations, or because it was recovered in a raid. This means that the car was mostly likely well maintained. IRS and courts tend to seize cars that are higher valued and better quality dirt bike clutch.

Repossessed car: These cars are taken back by financial agencies that haven't been receiving payments for the car. Since the person who was evading payments probably didn't have the income to pay back their loans, they probably didn't have the income to maintain the car. These cars tend to be lower quality.

Previously-owned government car: These cars tend to be owned by governmental agencies that no longer have a need for the car. Since most agencies update their cars pretty often, these cars tend to be less worn and high in quality.

"Buy" the car. If you are the last to bid on a car, then the final number you bid is the price of your new car. Follow these steps next:

Make the down payment/deposit. Typically this falls around $50. This is expected immediately after winning and is accepted as cash or check.

Pay the balance in 24 hours. The remaining balance of the car is usually expected within the 24 hour period of buying the car.

Register the car. Register your car like you would register any other vehicle. Luxury cars will not require an addition luxury tax since the original owner paid that.

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How Post Tramatic Stress Affects Physical Health

Added 14/9/2013

People who suffer serious mental illnesses (like PTSD) live shorter lives than the general population. According to The Journal of Clinical Psychology (2007;68[suppl 4]:26-33), they lose from 13 to over 20 years of life compared to mentally healthy people. Many factors contribute to reduced life expectancies for people with diseases like PTSD, anxiety and panic disorders.

One major problem is the multiple barriers that make it difficult for people with serious mental illness to get good quality health care. Many are unable to acquire and hold regular, full-time employment so, unless they can qualify as a dependent of a spouse or parent with medical insurance, they must depend on public assistance medical programs or pay cash (lots of it).

Then there's also the problem that, compared with the average American, people with serious mental illness are more likely to engage in unhealthy lifestyle practices.

-Mentally ill people often fail to get regular physical exercise, engage in poor eating habits (including overeating), and are more likely to be smokers and use/abuse other controlled substances (including alcohol).

-They often have irregular sleeping habits that lead to inadequate sleep.

-And many fail to schedule or show up for appointments with their health care practitioners.

These unhealthy behaviors, combined with the side-effects from the antipsychotic medications many take, increase their risk for cardiac and metabolic diseases.

People with serious mental illness are considered an at-risk population, with elevated medical morbidity (illnesses) and mortality (death) rates, mainly due to cardiovascular disease and, increasingly, complications of diabetes.

Because of these factors, their therapy must include assessment of medical risk factors, starting from their initial psychiatric evaluation. Prior to initiating antipsychotic therapy, the therapist should explain the risks of medications and alternative treatments, add preventive strategies and physical evaluation and ongoing monitoring 150cc chinese scooter parts.

Since even mentally healthy people eat for reasons other than hunger, it's no surprise that people suffering from anxiety, panic and stress eat more than their bodies require and eat high fat and sugary "junk" foods. Using food as a means of self-medicating, they're just trying to feel better!

And it's a vicious cycle. Deteriorating physical health contributes to poor self-image and feelings of isolation. And we all know, the less you exercise, the less you want to be physically active. with your chips and soda instead of going out to take a walk or visit friends.

Therapy models that assist people with stress and anxiety disorders in making informed decisions about healthier lifestyle behaviors, including tobacco use, alcohol use and excess weight are evolving. The challenge is how to integrate them into routine behavioral health care.

Patients must be educated and motivated to participate in their own recovery. The stress reliving benefits of regular exercise and weight control are overwhelming. In addition, the cost of preventatives like walking shoes and gym memberships are minuscule compared to the costs of medical intervention to treat the symptoms. Check with your doctor but if they don't support you, find one who will help you get fit physically and mentally.

The growing problems of premature death and chronic physical illness, like diabetes and obesity, calls for all health care providers, both mental and physical, to work with patients who suffer from stress, anxiety and other mental illnesses in a more integrated way.

It's up to the therapist, the patients and their families to demand a holistic approach to bridge the existing gap between mental and physical health that improves and saves lives. But right now, get up and take a walk, go for a bike ride or participate in a yoga class! Whatever you can do to get up and moving will help ward off the mental affects of stress, anxiety and even PTSD and the physical problems of obesity.

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Banner Signs Melbourne need the most gifted graphic musicians

Added 4/9/2013

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