Suzuki Boulevard C50

Added 29/11/2012

It has a dual throttle valve system with multi-hole fuel injectors that provide easier starting and improved mileage. The 4.1 gallon fuel tank with its wide fenders, along with a fantastic paint scheme, and a staggered dual exhaust system, large size floorboards and heel/toe shifters make this bike a dream to own and drive. So many features are on board that listing them would make for a lengthy article, but these can be found on any site that features the Boulevard C50T.

The seats are wide and low which is conducive for rider comfort as well as the shape of the handlebars and the forward mounted foot controls which are all designed for maximum rider comfort and confidence.

At a price of around $7,000 or more, you get so much bang for the buck, and rarely would someone suspect that so much of a bike would cost so little. One owes it to themselves to check out this magnificent piece of machinery as it has enough to satisfy just about anyone who has a zest for comfort performance and quality.Laughing

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A Wise Choice for the Car Or Truck Owner

Added 12/11/2012

The do it yourselfer is faced with these options to evaluate when it comes to the dreaded time of a potential engine overall. Most likely you have gotten a good number of relatively trouble free services from your automotive engine and are now faced with the prospect of an engine overhaul. The decision to replace the engine bloc, piston, connecting rod assemblies as well as crankshaft depends on a number of factors, with the number one consideration being the condition of the engine block. Other considerations are cost, ready access to machine and auto shop facilities, parts availability, time required to complete the project and finally the extent of prior mechanical experience on the part of the do-it-yourselfer home auto mechanic.

Next consider the value of the vehicle. It has turned out that frequently the total end cost of the parts required to complete the task of rebuilding the engine is greater and more than the actual value of the vehicle. It can be said that often ego and pride of ownership gets in the way of a fair and true evaluation of the situation, its costs and reasonable conclusions on the suitability of the project at all. As a case in point one proud owner of what might be considered a truck that was long past its prime and in great need of repair convinced himself that expensive repairs were in order by himself when a quick tour of local area junkyards should of convinced that the truck itself could be replaced by any of the similar vehicles that were laying about these auto parts recycling facilities.

In such situations where the cost for a full engine overhaul is greater than the cost of a full and proper engine rebuild one option to consider is a used engine from one of above auto junk yards. True the engine may not have the full engine life of a rebuilt engine but there may be more than enough lifespan in one of these replacements which come at a much lower cost and may indeed outlive the body components and lifespan of the vehicle itself. In addition most of the professional auto parts recycling shops will both have tested and warranty the engine for a reasonable initial automobile test and evaluation time period.Cool

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